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Dance with Me  

WED 10:30 - 11:15 am

ages 18 months - 4 yrs w/ care-giver participation | Sarah Daunt

FREE - In Partnership w/ CHP

(Oct 2 - Nov 6)


This creative moving arts class engages both child and adults though movement games, obstacle courses, and rhythmic dynamics. As a moving arts family – Toddlers come move with you guardian, aunt, uncle, big brother, big sister, and grandparents too! Move and explore kinesthetic learning together. Percussion and other music selection will inspire freedom of expression and exploration of movement for all to enjoy. Bring home a new knowledge of moving through space while fostering and developing new physical and cognitive skills. Everyone is welcome to join in the dance party! 

DRESS CODE - PLEASE NO: glitter, jeans, bare legs, jewelry, accessories, baggy or over-sized clothing

Girls   |   Leggings or Tights,  Leotards, Hair pulled back and out of face, and Bare Feet or Ballet Slippers

Boys   |   Form fitting t-shirt, shorts or black dance pants, or sweat pants and Bare Feet or Ballet Slippers

How To Register

  • Fill out Registration Form: All new & returning students must fill out the form first