Welcome Moving Arts Early Childhood Program Director - Sarah Daunt!



With passion for collaboration and an inclusive approach to dance education, MAX creates opportunities on stage, at local community events, and out in the streets. 

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A note from Sarah Daunt to you and your children:

Learning how to dance is a gift I am grateful to have received. Dance is a language that allows us to express our inner selves outwardly. It initiates the explorative inquiry into the self and nurtures a joyous sensation that one encounters in movement. My passion for teaching children derives from my mother, who taught Montessori for twenty-five years. Observing my mother in the classroom working with infant-toddler and 3-6-year olds, I saw the rewards of fulfillment in teaching a child. Teaching dance presents new challenges providing me opportunities for growth as an educator. I find great joy from sharing the gift of dance with children. My enthusiasm for dance is the driving force that inspires a positive learning environment for students. It is an honor to be able to participate as a dance educator at MAX here in this supportive community nestled in the Berkshires.


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