MAX Policies 

General Policies

We ask all students and visitors to please observe these rules when attending classes or visiting our facility.

When you arrive at MAX please sign-in to the computer for attendance.

Please be aware of the time when your class, or your child's class begins, and be ready to go into the studio at the start of class. Many of our classes run back to back. We lose valuable class time when we are waiting for dancers to be ready!

  • ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR GUM IN THE STUDIOS. Please be respectful of the lobby, and clean up after yourselves when you eat snacks.

  • WATER BOTTLES ONLY. No juice, soda, or other beverages are allowed in the studios.

  • NO STREET SHOES IN THE STUDIOS. This applies to visitors, too.

  • Students may bring only dance shoes, warm-up clothes, and water bottles into the studios. All other items will be stored in the lobby.

  • Please be respectful of our lobby space by keeping the noise level and distractions to a minimum.

  • All students should have a water bottle (the paper cups are for emergencies)







Students must register for classes by the registration date. Mid-semester registration is offered with the discretion of the directors and teacher. Please email

Tuition MUST be PAID IN FULL before the first class, or a payment plan must be requested in writing at registration. This payment plan must be established and set in place before the start of class. Payments not received by the first class will be considered late and result in a $15 late fee charge. Past due balances that extend beyond 30 days will result in the student being ineligible to attend class.

Discounts: All of our classes follow a subsidized pricing structure so that classes are accessible to everyone. With limited funding sources, we must focus on need-based tuition assistance to serve as many families as possible. Therefore we are not able to offer further discounts to our classes, but if anyone is in need of financial assistance we do NOT turn anyone away from dance opportunities. We ask that you fill out a tuition assistance form, our Board will review, and have the Business Manager respond with an adjusted tuition price based on financial need.

Tuition assistance is available. A completed application is needed in order to be considered for tuition assistance. Click here for a Financial Aid Application.

To set up a payment plan or request tuition assistance please speak with or email our bookkeeper, Meredith Patterson at 


 In order to withdraw from a class and be eligible for a refund, you must inform the studio in writing (either email or letter) of your intention to withdraw from a class (or classes).  The withdrawal will take effect from the date that your email or letter was sent, not the date that the student last attended class. Failure to notify the studio in writing of a withdrawal may make you ineligible for a refund.

Withdrawal before classes begin - Full refund.

Withdrawal during the first two weeks of a session - Half refund of tuition for that session. 

There are no refunds for tuition after the first two weeks of the session. 

Students who withdraw from classes after the first two weeks will be sent an invoice if there is a remaining balance on their account, which will be due 30 days after the invoice was sent.


Refunds will be given for the remainder of the term for any class cancelled due to low enrollment.

Refunds or credits will not be given for late arrivals, early departures, or classes missed due to illness, injury, or outside activities.


MisseD Classes

In the event of bad weather, an email will be sent by 8:00am for morning classes and by 12:00 noon for afternoon and evening classes. A message will also be posted to the home page of the website whenever possible. Each class has one snow day built in to each session. Make-up days will be offered upon the discretion of the instructor. 

Students may make up any missed dance classes. Classes can be made up in another section of equal or lower level. Please email if you are not sure what classes qualify. Refunds or credits will not be given for classes missed due to illness, injury, or outside activities.

Missing more than 3 classes jeopardizes the student’s opportunity to perform. This decision is at the discretion of the instructor.

Dress CODe

Creative Dance:  NO BARE LEGS

Girls   |   Leggings or Tights,  Leotards, Hair pulled back and out of face, and Bare Feet.

Boys   |   Form fitting t-shirt, shorts or black dance pants, or sweat pants and Bare Feet.

PLEASE NO: glitter, jeans, bare legs, jewelry, accessories, baggy or over-sized clothing

Modern Classes:

Female  |   Leggings or Tights,  Leotards, Hair pulled back and out of face, and bare-feet.

Male  |   Form fitting t-shirt, shorts or black dance pants, or sweat pants and bare-feet.

Jazz Classes: Same as above Modern Classes. Dancers can be barefoot, or wear jazz shoes or jazz sneakers.


Female   |   Pink Tights,  Leotards, Hair pulled back and out of face, and Ballet slippers.

Male   |   Form fitting t-shirt, shorts or black dance pants, and Ballet slippers.