DEC 8 2018


JUNE 9 2018


June 12 -16, 2018



June 10 2017


Join us for an evening of original works by local choreographers.

Dance Artists & Choreographers:

Tandem Dance Co. / MAX

  • Choreographers/Directors - Andrea Blacklow & Ellen Gorman

The Moving Company / CATA

  • Choreographer/Director - Dawn Lane

Stefanie Weber w/ musical accompanist

Sarah Daunt - solo works

Olivia Wilber - solo works


Jacob's Pillow Community Day

MAX will be on the Inside/Out Stage at 1:00 pm

More details: HERE

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daniel's art party - Bard College at Simon's Rock

MAX dancers & directors perform in The Elgar Variations | Artistic Director: Ken Roht


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Jacob's Pillow Community Day

The dance community in Berkshire County is fun, dynamic, diverse and social. We must continue to engage and encourage as many people as we can to find a relationship to movement and all forms of dance. The more opportunity our community has to move, to move together, means a happier, healthier, more connected community. Together we can ensure that everyone can find inspiration and a feeling of support through the universal language of movement.

Find more details here.


Sandisfield Performing Arts Center

Quiet, the song by MILCK that inspired the formation of the #icantkeepquiet movement and choirs around the world was first sung at the Women's March on Washington in January 2017. The song has quickly become the “anthem” of the march and has continued to be used as a song of national and global empowerment. Moving Arts Exchange created this original dance for the song, and in the spirit of 'exchange' collaborated with Sunhwa Reiner, singer/song leader, and the newly formed MAX Choir. 

Dancers: Eliza Abrams, Ella Biancolo, Andrea Blacklow, Suze Fowle, Lucia Rae Ginsberg, Ellen Gorman, Valerie Lanfair , Adelaide McFarland, Rebecca McTeige, Mikayla Morley, Melanie Najarian, Cecilia Redpath , AntoniaTaylor, Maya Hampton VanSant, Stefanie Lynx Atieno Weber

Singers: Paula Foye, Rebecca Gold, Amy Johnson, Michelle Kuzia, Brooke Kuzia Redpath, Madeleine Redpath, Sunhwa Reiner, Beth Rose, Mae Rose, Ilana Steinhauer, Amy Taylor, Skylar Norton

Thank you Anni Crofut for giving us this opportunity and LifeWorks Studio and Saint James Place for rehearsal space. And to our beloved team Meredith Patterson, Jocelyn McGrath, and Gina Bashour. 

May 6, 2017


Videographer: Silas Blacklow