Fri- HipHop Capokour ages 12+


Fri- HipHop Capokour ages 12+


HipHop Capokour (16 Week Session)

Fridays 3:45 - 4:45 pm

ages 12+ | w/Ellen Gorman

This class integrates the funky fundamentals of Hip-Hop with the martial-arts dance components from Capoeira and conditioning elements of Parkour.  Develop strength, agility and spatial awareness. Navigate across obstacles through rolling, jumping, spinning, and floor maneuvers. ALL levels of physical ability will enjoy this program – build cool skills, listen to great music, and most importantly WE HAVE FUN! 

Class Dates: Sept 15 - Jan 19

No classes Nov 24 & Dec 18- Jan 5

Girls   |   Leggings or Tights,  Leotards, Hair pulled back and out of face, and bare-feet.

Boys   |   Form fitting t-shirt, shorts or black dance pants, or sweat pants and bare-feet.

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