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Build your portfolio for college!

Teen Artists – curate, create and collaborate

@ MAX, Hard-Wired for Magic

MON - WED - FRI - Choose your dance recipe: SCHEDULE

These semester long TMAX Projects create an opportunity for teens to build their resumes for college applications, through learning repertoire, dance-making, video production, and technical theater.

  • FALL/WINTER Semester: This semester TMAX will have the opportunity to learn and perform musical theatre repertoire from an industry professional. TMAX will also perform in an original contemporary dance-theatre production.

    • Musical Theatre Dance - The Salon @ MAX Dec 6 & 7

    • Original dance-theatre production - Jan 18 & 19

  • SPRING Semester: TMAX dance video initiative that will allow each student to choreograph, direct, produce and film their very own dance video, and a Contemporary Dance performance at the end of the Semester.

    • June 6 & 7

Explore the technical aspects of scenic, video, and lighting design as it pertains to dance and performance art.

MAX teens come to this space and hone new skills, explore their self-expression creativity, and sense of commitment and ownership of that magical thing called performing. We recognize that moving through the teenage years is a complex journey. It is a time in life to explore, become independent, question authority, forge your own path and design the future. In our work with the teens, we strive to create relationships that embrace their individuality and creative souls. Our expectation is that they engage in the process, find a sense of ownership in the work, and then feel a sense of accomplishment. And, miraculously they all rise to the occasion! They are, of course, hard-wired for magic!





performance with Q & A to follow

May 24 @ 6pm



“Convenience + Distraction = Madness”

performance with Q & A to follow Jan 18 @ 6pm